Обложка книги Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developer's Toolkit

Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developer's Toolkit

ISBN: 0684839911;
Издательство: Free Press

The man who launched a revolution in product development with his bestselling Developing Products in Half the Time is back with a new book that's also certain to be a classic. In Managing the Design Factory Donald G. Reinertsen presentsconcepts and practical tools that will be invaluable for anyone trying to get products out of the pipeline and into the market. The first book to put the principles of World Class Manufacturing to work in the development process, Managing the Design Factory combines the powerful analytical tools of queuing, information, and system theories with the proven ideas of organization design and risk management. The result: a methodical approach to consistently hit the "sweet spot" of quality, cost, and time in developing any product. Reinertsen illustrates these concepts with concrete examples drawn from his work with many leading companies across different industries. Fresh and thought-provoking, the book challenges many of...

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