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Knut Holt

Market Oriented Product Innovation: A Key to Survival in the Third Millennium

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ISBN: 1402071388
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Market-Oriented Product Innovation differs from most other titles, written either from a marketing or technical perspective, by giving a holistic view of the product innovation process. It has a product perspective, written from a managerial point of view, recognizing that product innovation, or new product development, is a discipline of its own. It is concerned with managing the products (goods and services) through their life cycle, integrating marketing knowledge and technological expertise, with theaim of getting satisfied customers. The book also gives a thorough treatment of the human and cultural aspects of product innovation by focusing on the change processes needed for the development of a market-oriented culture. The book has practical focus and relevance, due to the professional background of the author, Knut Holt, who has established the field of Technology Management at the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology and is the founder of ISPIM, the International...
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