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Robert Duboff, Jim Spaeth

Market Research Matters: Tools and Techniques for Aligning Your Business

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ISBN: 0471360058
Издательство: Wiley
When it comes to planning a winning corporate strategy, many business leaders fail to consider market research. This is a critical mistake. Done correctly and with creativity, market research can provide real value by serving as the radar that will alertyour business to the perils and opportunities that lie ahead. Excellent marketing insight is the edge that differentiates business winners from losers. It can help your company in its effort to make?not merely serve markets. Businesses that successfully anticipate major marketplace shifts such as e-commerce, PCs, or the demand for bottled water reap rewards of legendary proportions. Few do. Less dramatic but equally important is the opportunity to improve customer understanding and marketing, which can grow profits daily. Businesses should and can do better at this. This book will show you how. As a result of their work with the Advertising Research Foundation, authors Robert Duboff and Jim Spaeth know that market research...