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Sally Dibb, Lyndon Simkin

Marketing Briefs: A Revision and Study Guide

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ISBN: 0750653868
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Complementing Dibb and Simkin's established reputation in their field, this text presents a punchy overview of the leading 50 themes of marketing, each concisely summarized for revision purposes or quick-learning. While appealing primarily to students undertaking marketing exams, many practitioners will also find this 'glossary of current marketing' hard to resist. The title builds on the earlier works of Dibb and Simkin, whose Houghton Mifflin text, 'Marketing: Concepts and Strategies', is the current business school market leading text in the United Kingdom, while their Thomson Learning text, 'The Marketing Casebook: Cases and Concepts', has just been revised and is the most widely used marketing casebook. From understanding customers, branding and positioning, relationship marketing, social responsibility through to value-based marketing and one-to-one marketing, this book covers all the issues the modern marketer must address. The text itself is organized...
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