Обложка книги Marketing Mistakes and Successes (MARKETING MISTAKES)

Marketing Mistakes and Successes (MARKETING MISTAKES)

ISBN: 0471446386; 9780471446385;
Издательство: Wiley Text Books

A behind-the-scenes look at today's biggest marketing mistakes and successes! Gain valuable insights by looking behind-the-scenes at some of today's most notable marketing successes and failures. With the Ninth Edition of this best-selling casebook, you'll learn how to make better decisions, implement strategies, avoid pitfalls, and seize opportunities. In a lively conversational style, Robert Hartley provides play-by-play analyses of actual decisions and practices that led to major marketingwars, comebacks, crises, and triumphs in top corporations. Hands-on exercises and debates invite immersion in their various situations. These real-life war stories are packed with practical tips and learning experiences that can serve you throughout yourcareer. With the rest updated and revised, this Ninth Edition adds these eight new cases: * PC Wars: Dell Computer vs. Gateway et al. * Harley-Davidson: At Last * Scott Paper, Sunbeam, and Al Dunlap * The...