Обложка книги Marketing Research: Marketing Engineering Applications, Second Edition

Marketing Research: Marketing Engineering Applications, Second Edition


ISBN: 0130084557;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Focusing on marketing analytics this popular series moves beyond conceptual marketing toward marketing engineering?the use of interactive computer decision models to help support marketing decisions. Hands-on, computer-based exercises and cases bring conceptual marketing alive while introducing the software. All of the software is independent of the cases presented and can be used separately on other case-problems or on real problems. Cases and software include Conglomerate's New PDA, featuring Needs-based Segmentation Using Cluster Analysis, Bookbinder's Book Club featuring Regression and Multinominal Logit Analysis for Targeting, Positioning the Infiniti G20 featuring Product Positioning Using Perceptual Mapping, Forte Hotel Design Case featuring Product Design Using Conjoint Analysis, ICI Americas R&D Project Selection Case featuring Making Decisions Under Uncertainty Using Decision Trees (TreeAge), J&J Family Video featuring Retail Site Location Using Geodemographic Data...