Обложка книги Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services

Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services


ISBN: 0-47113-392-2;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 266

While finding and keeping a core group of clients remains the bread and butter of any consultant's business, doing so is far from simple in a field that's becoming increasingly crowded and competitive. Today, as the result of drastic shifts in the landscape -information technology, virtual organizations, telecommuting - targeting and attracting clients is a greater challenge than ever. To help you meet that challenge head on, Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services , the bible for consultants and professionals worldwide, has been thoroughly revised and expanded. This brand new Third Edition gives you the tools and the know-how to survive and thrive in today's tough market. Beginning with a comprehensive overview, this updated resource keeps you abreast of current trends and issues. In addition, you'll find complete coverage of Dick Connor's innovative - and highly effective - Client-Centered MarketingTM (CCM) approach, a practical "deliverables-driven"...

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