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Steffen Jrgensen, Georges Zaccour

Optimal Control and Differential Games: Essays in Honor of Steffen Jorgensen (Advances in Computational Management Science)

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ISBN: 1402071531
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Optimal control and differential games continue to attract strong interest from researchers interested in dynamical problems and models in management science. This volume explores the application of these methodologies to new as well as to classical decision problems in management sciences and economics. In Part I, optimal control and dynamical systems approaches are used to analyze problems in areas such as monetary policy, pollution control, relationship marketing, drug control, debt financing, and ethical behavior. In Part II differential games are applied to problems such as oligopolistic competition, common resource management, spillovers in foreign direct investments, marketing channels, incentive strategies, and the computation of Markov perfect Nash equilibria. Optimal Control and Differential Games is an excellent reference for researchers and graduate students covering a wide range of emerging and revisited problems in management science.