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C. Britt Beemer, Robert L. Shook

Predatory Marketing: What Everyone in Business Needs to Know to Win Today's Consumer

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ISBN: 0767901894
Издательство: Broadway Books
What do shoppers dislike most about shopping? What's the most common reason customers are turned off by ads? Which recent technology ranks highest as a consumer pet peeve? As founder and chairman of America's Research Group, Britt Beemer has spent the past two decades researching questions like these and learning how to virtually read the minds of American consumers. Predatory Marketing is based on one powerful principle: find out what your competitors do best (don't focus on their weaknesses) and convince their customers that you can do it even better. Applying this prescription to all aspects of marketing--advertising, public relations, customer service, and sales-- Predatory Marketing reveals proven methods for winning customersatisfaction and loyalty. Including special nationwide Consumer Mind Reader surveys conducted exclusively for this book, Predatory Marketing is packed with hundreds of crucial facts, such as: The ten most...
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