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Michael Craig Budden

Preventing Shoplifting Without Being Sued : Practical Advice for Retail Executives

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ISBN: 1567201199
Издательство: Quorum Books
Well-written with numerous real life experiences and sound advice, Budden's book will help retail store executives better understand shoplifting's enormous financial hazards to their businesses. Budden uses real life cases to show what executives and managers can and cannot do in their efforts to apprehend, detain, and prosecute shoplifters. They will also find up-to-date advice on using civil recovery laws and information about what is being done to make shoplifters pay for their crimes. Budden makes itclear that to gain maximum benefit from both merchant protection statutes and civil recovery laws, retail store executives must understand how such legal measures work and how best to apply them to reduce "inventory shrinkage." These retail professionalswill find Budden's book a useful guide for developing their own safe, workable protection plans.
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