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Alf H. Walle

Rethinking Marketing : Qualitative Strategies and Exotic Visions

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ISBN: 1567203884
Издательство: Quorum Books
Do marketing and consumer research have anything to gain from the humanities and qualitative social sciences? Walle provides professional and aspiring marketers with a rationale for understanding that they do, and a toolkit to help make it possible to use what they've learned. He surveys the social sciences and humanities for instances where by design or accident they have brought their own special viewpoints to bear on the marketing enterprise. But Walle makes clear they become supplements to the scientific method, not surrogates. Readers will grasp quickly what he means and how to apply the lessons the social sciences and humanities teach. His book is a unique, fascinating, readable excursion into realms that marketers might not ordinarily venture into, certainly not for ways to do their work--but that is what they will get: practical new ways to do even the most familiar tasks better.