Обложка книги Selling: Building Partnerships w/GoldMine Software

Selling: Building Partnerships w/GoldMine Software

ISBN: 0072426160;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies

Selling: Building Partnerships, 5/e, by Weitz, Castleberry, and Tanner is the first text to integrate the partnerships/relationship theme in the selling course. It presents selling theories and skills and encourages the students to practice applying them. This edition features a revision of the traditional selling process, a thorough description of the buying and partnering processes used by business firms and the changes occurring in these processes, how to build a career in selling, an emphasis on the role of the salesperson and highlights the way salespeople use technology to learn about, connect with, and build relationships with their customers.

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Barton A Weitz, Stephen B Castleberry, John F Tanner
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