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Eric Viardot

Successful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms (Artech House Professional Development Library)

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ISBN: 0890068542
Издательство: Artech House Publishers
From analyzing competition and identifying market segments, to capitalizing on Internet marketing opportunities and creating valuable after-sale services, this practical new book helps you understand and apply marketing principles that are essential for success in designing high-tech product marketing strategies in today's fiercely competitive international marketplace. Packed with contemporary real-world examples and focusing on the key success factors behind the management of leading global high-tech firms, the book helps both novice and veteran marketing professionals focus on the critical factors that can determine success or failure for high-tech products. You learn how to objectively evaluate and manage your company's technological and knowledge-based competencies, develop effective product and pricing strategies, more precisely target your marketing efforts, and utilize the very latest distribution and sales channels. Also included is an insightful look at the most...
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