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Victoria Blanton

The 12 Rules of Millennium Marketing: Your Only Choice Is to Lead or Migrate

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ISBN: 0595096786
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Are you a Leader or a Migrator? Rule #1 - "Get a Plan" in order to get results. Rule #2 - "Make "e" Business "your" Business," get connected, sell time, be in real time, or go out of business. Rule #3 - "Design for the Mind" with mind positioning, mind stimulation, the power of words, and brain functions. Rule #4 - "Raise the Bar" by communicating the level of expectation. Rule #5 - "Marketing is an Investment" in substance and 7 key talents. Rule #6 - "MeasuringPerformance" because if it can't be measured, it can't be improved. Rule #7 - "Problems are Delayed Solutions" with the Universal Formula. Rule #8 - "You Must be Willing to Sweat" with 8 underused tactics. Rule #9 - "If You Market, They Will Come," no more "seasonal" or "soft market" excuses. Rule #10 - "Train the Troops" with the new TEAM training approach. Rule #11 - "Form Marketing Partnerships," with a MRFP. Rule #12 - "The Law of...
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