Обложка книги The Global Marketing Imperative

The Global Marketing Imperative

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ISBN: 0844230103;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Alerts every business--whether current customers are local, domestic, or international--to the window of opportunity open to those willing to explore global markets Brings you quickly up to speed on the essentials of international marketing that will make for smoother sailing overseas Shows you how to strike back when world competitors more into your territory and shrink your market Serves as a guide to little-known sources of financing and credit to back your international venture Explains all the strategic alternatives for going global--from exporting and licensing to distributorships and joint ventures Helps you present, promote, and price your products and services to appeal to multiple world markets Introduces you tothe mysterious world of countertrade--and shows how successful businesses barter cars for coffee and computers for carpets and turn them into cash Equips you to ride out the risks and reap the rewards of world-class...