Обложка книги The Knowledge Channel: Corporate Strategies for the Internet

The Knowledge Channel: Corporate Strategies for the Internet

ISBN: 1583482873;
Издательство: iUniverse

The number of Internet users is doubling every year, and will soon total more than 100 million people. This group will constitute an enormous and attractive market segment, one with exceptional buying power and demonstrated acceptance of new products and new technologies. However, many people use this new medium primarily for social dialog, which gives the Internet a dual role and a unique character that is unlike any medium or marketplace that has existed before. As it matures, therefore, the Internet poses unique challenges to old ways of ding business even as it promises to have enduring impact on the way that business is conducted worldwide. This report surveys the Internet phenomenon as an important topic for corporate strategy, and offers valuable insights into: • Its growth • Its technical foundations • The new market segments it creates • Its promising opportunities, and • Its development over the long term. ...

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