Обложка книги The Management Mind Field

The Management Mind Field

ISBN: 0971742936;
Издательство: Nyk Pub

Corporate politics plays a significant role in the decision-making process of every company in America. Companies like Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom are extremes example, but the conduct that led to the downfall of these companies exists to varying degrees at almost every company. This is the focus of The Management Mind Field: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Corporate Politics. Authored by Tony Paradiso, a 27-year high-tech management veteran, this satirical look at corporate management provides a crash course in the reality of business, and reveals many of management?s dirty little secrets. It offers insights to the political, personal, and cultural underpinnings that mold career choices and impact day-to-day business life. Although not written with the current corporate scandals in mind, The Management Mind Field eerily identifies the type of conduct that has led to these scandals. None of what is occurring today has come as a surprise to the author. He has seen similar conduct for...