Обложка книги The Marketing Power of Emotion

The Marketing Power of Emotion


ISBN: 0195150562;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

How does one choose between a brand name and a generic named product? Why does one choose an item with a slightly lower price than the other? The answer is emotion. The Marketing Power of Emotion, provides a complete, original and anecdote rich account of the marketing power of emotion. This book is written by two of the leading practitioners in the field and is complete with thorough references and real life examples to follow. Emotions, whether it is realized or not is one of the central factors in our buying behavior. Emotions energizes the motivation to buy and certain persuasive techniques are more effective than others are when marketers are trying to resonate emotionally with consumers. This book covers all the essential topics, including thescope of emotion in marketing and how in response to these emotions customers make product appraisals. Finally, this volume covers branding and how emotions play a role in how consumers become loyal to brands.