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Mike Moser

United We Brand

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ISBN: 1578517982, 9781578517985
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Five Steps to an Unforgettable Brand Today's customers face a dizzying array of choices, whether they're buying a car, choosing a school, or contributing to a charity. As a result, brand is often the critical differentiating factor in a customer'sdecision-making process. Yet for most companies, there is a yawning gap between how the brand is viewed within the company-and how it is perceived out in the world. Marketing veteran Mike Moser argues that the problem isn't that executives don't "get" their brand. It's that they don't know how to funnel that knowledge into a form that is easily communicated and understood by every person-whether employee, partner, customer, or investor-who comes in contact with it. In United We Brand , Moser unveils a hands-on tool he has developed over the course of two decades of branding experience with organizations ranging from brand giants like Reebok and Dell Computers to fledgling startups to nonprofit firms. The "Brand...