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Andreas Buchholz, Wolfram Wördemann

What Makes Winning Brands Different: The Hidden Method Behind the World's Most Successful Brands

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ISBN: 0471720259, 9780471720256
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год издания: 2000
Страниц: 238
what makes winning brands different the hidden method behind the world?s most successful brands How can you overcome the worst marketing odds and set virtually any brand on a new path to growth? A fruit juice suddenly experiences a growth rate of 35 0.000000e+00ven though the consumer finds it more watery, sweeter and more artificial than 1000ure juice products. A mini car becomes an overnight success that lasts years although it looks and handles like a shoebox on wheels. A pasta brandachieves market dominance against 400 competitors in the same market, and this despite the fact that it has no objective quality advantage. According to Andreas Buchholz and Wolfram Wordemann, who have reached the end of a six-year research project on how and why some brands succeed in consistently outperforming their competitors, it all boils down to the right growth code. In this highly practical and readable book you will learn what makes the success of the world?s...