Обложка книги Win Top-of-Mind Positioning

Win Top-of-Mind Positioning

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ISBN: 0883622912;
Издательство: Graphic Arts Technical Fndtn

Designed to help the printer sell more printing by moving the battlefield away from price and creating irresistible customer relationships, GATFPress?s latest book shows why it is important to be thought of first in this relationship-based business and how to create successful sales and marketing efforts. Using concrete, real-world examples, Win Top-of-Mind Positioning is perfect for all graphic arts professionals wanting to increase their company?s bottom line, from owners and managers, through customer service representatives and production managers. "Have you ever wondered why some people have gone from zero to millions in a very short period of time? Yet, other decent and honest business people, who perform adequately, languish without much growth or profit. What makes the difference?" asks co-author T.J. Tedesco, president of Grow Sales, Inc., a consulting company serving the graphic arts industry. He helps graphic arts companies win more profitable business by...