Обложка книги Desktop Database Marketing

Desktop Database Marketing


ISBN: 0844232351;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

" Desktop Database Marketing is a masterful work that belongs on every business bookshelf. Jack Schmid and Alan Weber have succeeded in applying the KISS principle to database marketing in a way that removes the mystique and releases the power without prejudice to size of business."­­Bob Stone Chairman Emeritus Stone & Adler, Inc. "Database marketing is what direct marketing is all about these days­­and it's going to be even more important in future years. Jack Schmid and Alan Weber have put together a really useful book on this subject, and I highly recommend it."­­David W. Florence Chairman Direct Media, Inc. "Finally, someone has put together a book that not only shows you what you ought to be doing with your database, but how to do it. It's full of examples that reveal how to apply the principles of customer marketing to nearly any business. And it offers a virtual toolkit of ways for every marketer to have data at their...