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Arch G. Woodside

Measuring the Effectiveness of Image and Linkage Advertising

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ISBN: 0899309844
Издательство: Quorum Books
Dr. Woodside picks up where other books on "maxi-marketing" leave off, to prove that the effectiveness of image and linkage advertising can be measured, and to show advertising professionals how to do it. Readable and in detail, with carefully culled examples that go beyond simple case studies, Dr. Woodside provides a 20-step process model of how low and high involvement advertising work, and shows how to use top-of-mind-awareness measures and benefit-to-brand retrieval to assess advertising impact. His book also covers the details of evaluating the effectiveness of competing advertising media and ways to do useful advertising-to-sales conversion studies, within budget and in a timely manner. Well illustrated with tables and figures, and drawing upon important practical and academic research, Dr. Woodside's book will be essential reading for advertising, marketing, and sales executives and their colleagues in the academic community.
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