Обложка книги The Future of the Electronic Marketplace

The Future of the Electronic Marketplace

ISBN: 0262621320; 9780262621328;
Издательство: MIT Press
Страниц: 390

"The authors of these essays. . . are principal navigators of the new electronic reality and provide thoughtful insight into the future of a marketplace that now can be only imagined." -- Booklist The marketplace is the place of exchange between buyer and seller. Once one rode a mule to get there; now one rides the Internet. An electronic marketplace can span two rooms in the same building, or two continents. How individuals, firms, and organizations approach and define the electronic marketplace of the future will depend on people's ability to ask the right questions now and to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise over the next few years. The contributors to this volume are prime movers in major industries that are remakingthemselves in order to shape the global marketplace. They examine the consumers' new powers to assess and exchange goods and services over unparalleled distances. They discuss the opportunities and risks posed by the new integration...