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John D. Kenworthy

Bungee Jumping & Cocoons: The Dual Nature of the Industrial Marketplace

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ISBN: 1556178603
Издательство: ISA-Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation
Год издания: 2003
Book Description "I am a boomer. Born in 1960, I was ushered into the modern era decades before the information age altered our lives forever. For me, the innovation of the personal computer and the Internet were the twin defining events of my generation." Thus begins the introduction to this unique tale of two contrasting thoughts: Bungee Jumping and Cocoons. Bungee Jumping is "our present culture's predilection for embracing all things extreme," the author explains. "In our advertising and in our leisure, we want bigger, better, more." Cocoons represent "our willingness to nest within our homes with no need or desire to come out and mingle with the wicked world." How do these dual ideas play out in our society? How do they illuminate our industrial marketplace and e-commerce activities? Investigating these ideas, the author uses illustrative case studies, pointing to diverse resources such as futurist Faith Popcorn, fantasy adventure giant The Walt...
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