Обложка книги Public Relations Made Easy

Public Relations Made Easy


ISBN: 1599180782; 9781599180786;
Издательство: Entrepreneur Press
Страниц: 180

The Secrets to Snagging Media Attention Award-winning journalist Roscoe Barnes III pulls back the curtain to reveal what it takes to grab the attention of the news media. In his 20-year career, Barnes has reviewed thousands of press releases and conducted even more interviews. He draws on this expert knowledge to show you how to woo the press and stir up interest in your business and its products or services. Barnes reveals: The 10 most common mistakes in publicity campaigns 11 tips for crafting a unique sales message 5 simple steps to writing the ultimate press release 8 proven ways to talk your way into the limelight 20 essential tools for launching an effective publicity campaign And more! Forget hiring an expensive PR firm-learn how to generate thousands of dollars of free publicity on your own!