Обложка книги Cybertalk That Sells

Cybertalk That Sells


ISBN: 0809229234;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books

"Pithy, commonsense, how-to-say-it advice and information for a medium that is drowning in a tar pit of boring verbosity. Read Lewis and Murphy--and act on it--and you've got a good shot at making a sale." -- Denny Hatch, Editor Target Marketing magazine Interactive commerce . . . the World Wide Web . . . E-Marketing . . . Cybermarketing . . . the terms keep multiplying, just like the number of websites. Most marketers aren't succeeding. But a few are. The difference? It's a matter of using the "same old rules" in a totally new environment, one that's dynamic, immediate, and unforgiving. Cybertalk That Sells is the first book devoted to in-the-trenches guidance on crafting sales messages that work in the new world of E-commerce, including: A road map for navigating the new medium How to develop e-mail that sells What the buzzwords really mean A complete Cyberstarter start-up kit A comprehensive list of the words, phrases, and banners that will...