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Joseph T. Sinclair, RON UBELS

eBay Global the Smart Way: Buying and Selling Internationally on the World's #1 Auction Site

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ISBN: 0814472419, 9780814472415
Издательство: AMACOM
Год издания: 2011
Buying and selling on any of the many international eBay sites opens up a huge range of possibilities for American users. The globalization of eBay -- with 28 sites worldwide -- offers vast new markets for American merchandise overseas, as well as the opportunity to buy items globally with the aim of selling them profitably in the U.S. But along with these opportunities come new questions: Do you need a license to buy and sell internationally? How do you set prices, handle cultural differences, and arrange shipping? And how do you determine which markets are most likely to benefit you? eBay Global the Smart Way shows readers how they can operate safely and profitably, offering in-depth and accessible information, and step-by-step instructionson topics including: * Marketing to customers in foreign countries * Ensuring quality * Using customs brokers * Making payments to foreign vendors * Finding economical shipping * Avoiding credit card fraud * Avoiding product...
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