Обложка книги Euromarketing and the Future

Euromarketing and the Future

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ISBN: 0789060329;
Издательство: International Business Press

Be prepared for the future of international marketing! The future of your business depends on your ability to anticipate changes and developments in consumer behavior. Euromarketing and the Future helps you chart a course for success through the diverse and challenging European markets, presenting research and theory on where they?ve been, where they?re going, and what?s likely to happen when they get there. This unique book doesn?t use tarot cards, fortune tellers or a crystal ball?just an international panel of business scholars who draw on their extensive experience to help you develop effective management and marketing plans for the years to come. Euromarketing and the Future examines European marketing systems of thepast and present to forecast Europe?s likely role in the global economy. The book addresses e-commerce and the Internet as they relate to Europe; privatization and the move toward a market economy in Eastern Europe; the effect of...