Обложка книги Marketing Research and SPSS 11.0 Package, Fourth Edition

Marketing Research and SPSS 11.0 Package, Fourth Edition

ISBN: 0131041894;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Book Description This 4th Edition of the international leader in marketing research books presents a comprehensive look at both the principles and practices of marketing research with balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative material. Written from the perspective of marketing research users, the book reflects current trends in international marketing, ethics, and the continuing integration of technology. It strives to build on the success of the previous editions by being even more contemporary, illustrative, and user-friendly. This comprehensive book covers all facets of marketing research analysis in a coherent three-part organization: Part 1 provides an introduction and discusses problem definition; Part 2 covers research design; and Part 3 presents a practical and managerially-oriented discussion of field work, along with data preparation and analysis. For marketing researchers, research analysts, junior analysts, marketing research directors,...