Обложка книги Optimal Database Marketing: Strategy, Development, and Data Mining

Optimal Database Marketing: Strategy, Development, and Data Mining


ISBN: 0761923578;
Издательство: Sage Publications

Contemporary direct marketing and e-commerce companies cannot exist in today?s competitive environment without the use of marketing databases. Databases allow marketers to reach customers and cultivate relationships more effectively and efficiently. Although databases provide a means to establish and enhance relationships, they can also be used incorrectly, inefficiently, and even unethically. "Optimal Database Marketing" was written to provide the marketing manager or student with a complete and solid understanding of how to properly establish and use databases to help organizations maximize their relationships with customers. The book originally evolved from an outline developed by an advisory board of industry experts that was established by the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. As such, this book looks beyond the temptation of the quick sale to consider the long-term impact of database marketing techniques on the organization, customers, prospective...