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Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong, J. Russell Gates

The Clickable Corporation: Successful Strategies for Capturing the Internet Advantage

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In business, it has always hurt to "wait and see." In the vast world of Internet commerce, it's vital to establish a strong, quality presence -- now, say Arthur Andersen Web experts Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong, and J. Russell Gates --before another site starts filling your customer's needs with a click of a mouse. With the number of potential customers who are connected well on its way to 1 billion, the Internet is at once the greatest opportunity and the greatest threat to established businesses. It's not enough for a company to be on the Web; the company must be consistently more effective, more accessible, and more exciting than any other site in its category. Rosenoer, Armstrong, and Gates provide a strategic view of case studies of 25 well-known companies engaged in e-commerce. Their studies reveal how any company can capture meaningful Internet advantage for its stakeholders -- whether they are customers, shareholders, or business partners. The authors...