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Anita Rosen

The E-Commerce Question and Answer Book: A Survival Guide for Business Managers

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ISBN: 0814471544
Издательство: American Management Association
The first edition of The E-Commerce Question and Answer Book was an indispensable tool for thousands of businesses, selling over 25,000 copies. Now, this fully updated new edition covers all the latest developments in e-commerce technology, strategy, and business planning. Featuring 100 questions, the book addresses each one in a unique three-tier format: a quick overview answers the question directly, bullet points provide crystal-clear examples, and "Tell Me More" covers how the subject applies in actual business settings. Business managers, IT professionals, and executives exploring or refining e-commerce models will find no-nonsense answers to questions like: * What are portals and how are they evolving? * What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business? * What are e-learning, P2P, ASPs, and KM? * What is XML, and how does it apply in e-commerce? Both an overview and an easy-access pocket reference, the updated E-Commerce Question and Answer Book...