Обложка книги The Unofficial Guide to eBay and Online Auctions

The Unofficial Guide to eBay and Online Auctions


ISBN: 0028638662; 9780028638669;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

A one-stop guide to buying and selling on the Internet. According to Fortune magazine, eBay reports having over 900,000 products for sale in 1,086 categories. The site receives 140 million hits a week! But starting out, either as a seller or a buyer, can be challenging. The Unofficial Guide to eBay & Online Auctions offers step-by-step guidance on everything from reistering and setting up an account, to bidding, to avoiding "auction fever." This book shows you how to maximize your online experience with advice on: The values and pitfalls of selling in online auctions How to choose the best online auction site The right and wrong ways of buying and selling at an online auction What to do if an item doesn't sell Online fraud--what to do if it happens and how to avoid it the next time

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