Обложка книги The Worlds of Electronic Commerce

The Worlds of Electronic Commerce


ISBN: 0471494550;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Electronic Commerce is a rapidly expanding field where technology and information are enhancing business practices. New and multiple uses of E-Commerce are appearing regularly and the cultural, social and political ramifications of these developments remain unknown. This is the first book to be devoted entirely the important and wide-ranging social science dimensions of E-Commerce. It tackles a variety of major economic, geographical, social and political issues from interdisciplinary and international perspectives. In this volume leading international scholars from geography, economics, and public policy address theoretical and conceptual issues, and present case studies on how retailing, job searches, banking and finance, telecommunications, and government regulations are changing with the introduction and diffusion of the Internet and other electronic services. Worlds of E-Commerce addresses major issues and presents evidence and implications through case studies...