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Peg Faimon

Design Alliance: Uniting Print + Web Design to Create a Total Brand Presence

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ISBN: 1581804008
Издательство: How Design Books
Год издания: 1905
In the 21st century, designers need to be able to successfully combine both print and Web technology in their work to ensure a regular client base and a strong business. This book shows them how. The first section is a visual, image-intensive collection of 12 case studies. These studies examine a number of design firms that create successful campaigns for their clients by integrating print and electronic media. The second section explores the differences between the linear nature of print and thenon-linear nature of the Web, and the challenges involved with making the two methods work together. Even the format of the book is a teaching tool, a tangible example of how the web and print can work together. The top two-thirds of each page includes case study information while the bottom third includes useful how-to information and reference material. These pages are physically split so that readers can access both types of information at the same time, but at a different...