Обложка книги Communicating in Crisis

Communicating in Crisis

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ISBN: 0202306321;
Издательство: Aldine de Gruyter

What are the circumstances, the authors begin by asking, in which firms encounter a crisis situation? The answers they provide in this little book-at once a concise theoretical formulation and a practical guide to managing the crises that corporate and other enterprises inevitably face-define a field that has often been inadequately understood. Responding to a need long recognized in departments of corporate communication, which must bear the brunt of such crises, Drs. Ogrizek and Guillery have produced an in-depth analysis of the field and a step-by-step approach to preventing full-scale, uncontainable disasters and corporate relations fiascos from which companies may never recover. Communicating in Crisis is based on a wide range of examples and case studies, including the alarm raised among consumers after an alleged worm infestation of McDonald's hamburgers and the worldwide recall by Perrier's of 160 million bottles from the market when word spread that the mineral water had...