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Rusty???? Cawley

Hardball Pr: How to Get Tough With Predatory Journalists Who Threaten Your Corporation

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ISBN: 0595301134
Издательство: iUniverse
To all corporate executives: Warning! There are now thousands of aggressive, ambitious young journalists out there who desperately want to become the next Bob Woodward, the next Mike Wallace or the next Seymour Hersh. They want to get there quick. They want to get there with minimal effort. And they wonA?t mind getting there by destroying your company and marching over its corpse. These are the predatory journalists. They disguise themselves as A?investigative reporters,A? but investigation is the least of their concerns. What they want is the hot headline that portrays you as a villain and that ignites public outrage. They know this is the fast track to stardom in the news media, and theyA?re not about to let little things like facts, truth and context get in the way. Where do they get their stories? Often from Corporate AmericaA?s most ruthless antagonists: plaintiff attorneys and social...
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