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Jerrold K. Footlick

Truth and Consequences: How Colleges and Universities Meet Public Crises (American Council on Education Oryx Press Series on Higher Education)

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ISBN: 0897749707
Издательство: American Council on Education/Oryx Press
When an emotionally charged issue creates a public crisis at a college or university, the institution must be prepared to react swiftly and firmly. Truth and Consequences uses a series of actual case studies to demonstrate how staff members in a number of institutions have responded to situations that required public accountability. The case studies include the following: the indirect costs controversy at Stanford, the integrity of cold fusion research results at the Univ. of Utah, drug raids at the Univ. of Virginia, a Holocaust denial advertisement at Queens College, the prostitution case at Brown, and the firing of Woody Hayes at The Ohio State University. Each study describes the background of the case, tracing it to its flash point. The author drawslessons from each case study to help colleges and universities of any size develop their own effective crisis management policies.
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