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AOL's Online Advisor, Regina Lewis, Regina Lewis

Wired in a Week 7.0: "Must-Know" Tips Plus Real Life Examples and Step-by-Step Instructions

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ISBN: 0446679135
Издательство: Warner Books
Chat rooms, instant response messaging, stock quotes, shopping online-we all know that the Internet puts the world at your fingertips. But what the majority of Americans don't know is how to access this amazing technology. Now AOL, the leading Internet provider, has written the book that will allow beginners to get online and surf the net like a pro within a week. After chapters that cover the basics (Getting Started, Troubleshooting, E-mail, Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms), AOL'S WIRED IN A WEEK 7.0 thengives readers more advanced tips, including such time savers as: how to look up restaurants, get directions, and find the best prices to save you money. Guaranteed to transform people's lives, after following AOL'S WIRED IN A WEEK 7.0 readers will never be afraid of their computer and will wonder what they ever did without it.