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Patrick O'Hara

Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail: Mapping the Organizational Fault Lines in Policing

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ISBN: 1594600848
Издательство: Carolina Academic Pr
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionWhy Law Enforcement Agencies Fail looks carefully at just that issue. Constant negative headlines call into question the ability of U.S. law enforcement to manage itself effectively in a democratic, diverse society. By analyzing a varietyof cases, the author shows how crises occur regularly along common structural and cultural fault lines in police agencies at every level of government. The exploration of what handicaps the law enforcement agency goes far beyond "bureaucratic bungling" to examine deep-seated structural and cultural elements of organization. Symptoms such as institutional racism, sexual harassment, and racial profiling are seen as outgrowths of structural-cultural characteristics in law enforcement organizations whose power is often independent of larger social forces. Why Law Enforcement Agencies Fail provides tools for spotting malignant individuals, highlighting perverse incentives, isolating and neutralizing deviant cultures, recognizing policy...
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