Обложка книги Brand Spirit : How Cause Related Marketing Builds Brands

Brand Spirit : How Cause Related Marketing Builds Brands


ISBN: 047198776X; 9780471987765;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 306

"Many people are coming to the conclusion that ?valufacture? in the future is increasingly going to come from synergies and alliances. The single product or service is going to become a commodity sold on price alone. Cause Related Marketing is all about such synergies and alliances. All three parties involved benefit and that is why CRM is very much of the moment and has so much potential." Edward De Bono, From the Foreword to Brand Spirit "American Express invented Cause-related Marketing in the early 1980s ? service marked the term ? and I said at the time to American Express executives that the idea was perhaps the greatest marketing innovation in 50 years. Surely it would be copied. Given the subsequent expansion of Cause-related Marketing into the four corners of the earth under the banners of thousands of diverse companies, in hindsight I underestimated the power of the idea. This book demonstrates why Cause-related Marketing is such a major and exciting...

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