Обложка книги Developing and Leading the Sales Organization

Developing and Leading the Sales Organization

ISBN: 1567200044;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Faced with the ever increasing difficulty of reaching their targets, sales executives need new ways to improve their organizations' results. Consultant, former university professor, and widely recognized authority on motivation and performance in the United States, Green sees it this way: there are two aspects that sales executives have some control over-- the way their sales force sells, and the way it is managed and motivated. Green draws on his extensive experience to explain how to motivate prospectsto buy, how to motivate salespeople to sell, and how to prepare and motivate the organization itself. His method is remarkably obvious, but it works. Instead of trying to do something different, Green says get back to the basics, but in a way that is allhis own. His book provides this essentially simple but proven method for leading the sales organization in a readable, easily grasped way that sales executives, and their people, can put to immediate use.

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