Обложка книги Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good - Be Great

Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good - Be Great

ISBN: 1565546504;
Издательство: Pelican Publishing Company

Direct selling is the preferred marketing method of the nineties! Successful selling is simply a matter of mastering a few basic principles and then continually repeating what you have learned! The level of success one achieves is directly related to one's ability to overcome challenges! A positive attitude is essential to the attainment of any ambition! Clearly defined goals provide the impetus needed to achieve an end! Commitment is the single most important factor in the attainment of any goal! Time management equals business management! Direct selling is quickly becoming the sales trend of the decade. Though direct sales companies have been around for years, the industry is now seeing a new resurgence. Many bright people are realizing that a career in direct sales, whether as a representative for an established company or as the owner of one's own business, can be an exciting and lucrative occupation for anyone who possesses the right business skills and sales...