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Benson Smith, Tony Rutigliano

Discover Your Sales Strengths: How the World's Greatest Salespeople Develop Winning Careers

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ISBN: 0446530476, 978-0-446-53047-7
Издательство: Warner Books
In the ever-changing world of sales, there is no single, sure- fire, tried-and-true method that can be readily imitated by anyone to miraculously improve performance. In fact, the world's best salespeople are not characterized at all by their technique. But they do share one common trait: Successful sales reps use their individual aptitudes to succeed in their work environment. DISCOVER YOUR SALES STRENGTHS is an extraordinary program built upon the concept that every person already possesses the tools necessary to become an amazing salesperson. Grounded in extensive Gallup research conducted over 40 years and based on hundreds of thousands of interviews with sales managers, salesmen, and consumers, it teaches individuals to focus on personal strengths and talents, and then guides them to transform those assets into solid sales skills-and successful careers.
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