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Bart Castricone

Excuse Me, That's My Foot in the Door!: Selling the Natural Way

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ISBN: 0595181120
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Why does Compaq manufacture personal computers when IBM, Dell, Apple, Gateway, and Hewlett-Packard manufacture and distribute perfectly good PC's? Because Compaq appeals to a specific user with specific preferences and expectations. The same could be said about IBM or any of the others for that matter. If you are a sales professional, what makes your company's sales force different from those of your competitors? If your people are reading from the same training manuals as your competitors' people, why should customers choose your product line over their product, all other things being equal? While it may seem there is "...nothing new under the sun." there could be something unique and better at least from YOUR perspective! You may be amanufacturer's representative looking for added input for you and your library or a sales manager needing to provide your veteran and rookie sales force with a fresh approach. "Excuse me..." is as special as you want your sales and...
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