Обложка книги High-Impact Sales Force Automation: A Strategic Perspective

High-Impact Sales Force Automation: A Strategic Perspective

ISBN: 1574440934;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

What exactly is sales force automation? The idea is simple - using technology to maximize sale productivity, minimize cost and enhance customer service. This "ultimate competitive weapon" can streamline the sales process, target the right customers and dramatically eliminate downtime and waste. And in today's competitive sales climate, effective time management is the key to survival.High-Impact Sales Force Automation is a hands-on guide to implementing the latest computer technology in the sales and marketing departments of your company. The author's unique background in both business and science provides a practical, yet in-depth perspective on sales force automation - from conception right through implementation. And all with a sharp focus on the backbone of your business: the customer.This book is an excellent reference for corporate managers, sales professionals, organizational planners, marketing consultants and anyone interested in improving sales, customer service and quality...