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B. R Gordon, B.R. Gordon

How To Get $500 From Telemarketers When They Won't Stop Calling You!

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ISBN: 0967324718
Издательство: Twintwo Communications, Inc
This step-by-step guide shows how to turn the tables on those annoying telemarketers trying to separate you from your hard-earned money! Packed with all the resources you need to put an end to telemarketers, junk mail, junk e-mail, and junk faxes cluttering up your life. This handbook will show you: The most common scams to watch out for; What to say to telemarketers when they call; The one thing every telemarketer must provide when calling you; The easliest way to stop telemarketers from calling you; How to use your fax machine to get money from junk fax senders; Where to find the best anti-telemarketing products to get rid of telemarketers. After reading "Ho To Get $500 From Telemarketers When They Won't Stop Calling You!", you will know just whatto say besides, "Hello?" to the next unlucky telemarketer calling you.
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