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Mark McGlinchey

Let's Put Some Lipstick On This Pig? Practical and Innovative Insights for the Selling Professional

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ISBN: 0972807608
Издательство: Business Management Solutions
About the Title I?m not insinuating anyone is a pig. Nor am I suggesting you need to be wearing lipstick. I believe the saying ?let?s put some lipstick on this pig? originated in the brokerage/investment banking industry. Typically, the saying referred to promoting or selling a stock or investment product, which the broker didn?t believe in or which may not have been in the client?s best interest to buy. It will become obvious that I am diametrically opposed to this process of thinking and this method of selling. While the title was devised to catch your eye, the content was designed to improve your thought processes, strategies, tactics and skills as a sales professional.
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