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Dave Worman

Motivating Without Money-Cashless Ways to Stimulate Maximum Results, Raise Morale, and Reduce Turnover With Your Telephone Sales and Service Personnel

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ISBN: 1881081109
Издательство: Business by Phone
Cash is king, right? You need to write a check in order to motivate your sales reps, right? WRONG! In this book, Dave Worman shows you the 17 Steps to maximum motivation that have nothing to do with raises, bonus checks, or handing out greenbacks. That's right. In this 200-page book, you'll get the proven, step-by-step details for dramatically, and immediately improving attitude and morale, increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and ultimately building a happier, healthier sales and/or service environment. Here's more of what you'll get in Motivating Without Money. Why you should replace your bonus dollars with a cashless program and how to set it up. What needs to be included in your training programs to turn them into ongoing motivation. Why time off motivates your employees more than anything else and how to structure programs to utilize it. How to develop and run theme contests and what to include that will guarantee motivational success. Why...
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